Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras (1914 - 1996) was one of France's most famous writers of the twentieth century. Her talents ranged across fiction, film, playwriting, and journalism. She was the author of a great many novels, plays, films, and short narratives. Her greatest success came with L'amant (The Lover, 1984), which won France's top literary honour, the Goncourt Prize, and in 1992 was made into a film.

Her first novel, Les Impudents was set in the Duras area, Lot and Garonne, where her father's house was located, and she actually changed her surname from "Donnadieu" to "Duras". Her second novel, La Vie Tranquille (The Tranquil Life, 1944), was also set in Duras.

Place Marguerite Duras, Duras

Place Marguerite Duras

In the medieval town of Duras you'll find "Place Marguerite Duras".

The Marguerite Duras Association was founded in Duras in 1997 in order to increase the awareness of the land from which Marguerite's work originated. Every mid-May, "Durassians" from all over the world meet for three days in Duras and award the Marguerite Duras prize.

Marguerite Duras, Pardaillan

Pardaillan - Marguerite Duras

A plaque commemorates the presence of Marguerite Duras in the village of Pardaillan, 10 kms from Duras, where she came to live when she was 8 years old. The 2 years she spent here would be remembered as a time of great joy "...what with the purity of the landscape and aridity of the earth, a certain wildness in the landscape and the people."

"To me France will always be Pardaillan, along with the smell of apples drying on wicker racks, the clear water of the Dropt and watercress beds".

The Lot and Garonne Tourist Office have published a number of walks including one that takes in Pardaillan - see Pardaillan Walk.